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moodyatlas1The Moody Atlas of Bible Lands

This book integrates the geography of Bible lands with the teachings of the Bible. Its one hundred thousand words provide useful commentary for the more than ninety detailed maps of Palestine, The Mediterranean, the Near East, the Sinai, and Turkey.








halleys-bible-handbook1Halley’s Bible Handbook

From its first edition, a small give-away booklet of 16 pages, it has grown into an 864-page “almanac” of biblical information, used regularly by hundreds of thousands of laymen, teachers and ministers.









youngsanalytical1Young’s Analytical Concordance

Much more than just a great concordance! By organizing entries according to the original Hebrew and Greek words, Youngs is designed to allow any student of the Bible to distinguish and analyze important shades of meaning and to gain a deeper appreciation and better understanding of the sacred text.








strongs1Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance – James Strong

This volume is an indispensable tool that all readers of the Bible will want to have as a part of their basic library.









vines1Vine’s Complete Expository Dictionary

This book makes it possible for the student with substantial, limited, or no background in either Greek of Hebrew to study the meaning of biblical words in the original languages. It is organized in such a way that it becomes at once a dictionary, a commentary and a concordance.








treasuryofscripture1The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

Complete with 500,000 Scripture references and parallel passages organized to help you discover the truths of the Bible.









trenchs1Trench’s Synonyms of the New Testament – R. C. Trench

Enhance any study of the New Testament with Trench’s Synonyms of the New Testament. This handy classic reference tool provides accurate, detailed definitions of Key New Testament words, helping users improve understanding of the Scriptures. Designed to be used by those who understand little or no Greek.








naves1Nave’s Topical Bible – Orville J. Nave

Find what the Bible says on over 20,000 topics. Quick access to over 1000,000 Scripture Passages.










vincents1Vincent’s Word Studies in the New Testament – Marvin R Vincent

Readers need no formal language training to use this book in unlocking for themselves the riches of the New Testament. Vincent’s lists each significant word in the New Testament with its meaning, derivation, idioms, and uses in verse-by-verse form. 4 Volume Set








eerdmans1Eerdmans Dictionary of the Bible – David Noel Freedman, Editor

The Eerdman’s Dictionary of the Bible is a major new reference tool for reading and studying the Bible. Containing nearly 5,00 alphabetically ordered articles, the Eerdman’s Dictionary of the Bible clearly and expertly explains all the books, persons, places, event, and significant terms found in the Scriptures. 1,425 pages.








ungersbiblehandbook1The New Unger’s Bible Handbook – Merrill F. Unger

Full-color edition of the bestseller. The Comprehensive Guide to Bible background and meaning – a wealth of Bible information that will bring deepened insight to your study of God’s Word.









evangelicaldictionary1Evangelical Dictionary of Theology

Theologians, pastors, lay readers, and students have relied on the Evangelical Dictionary of Theology as a valued resource for over fifteen years. Noe thoroughly updated, this leading reference work continues to provide comprehensive, useful, and accurate information in systematic, historical, and philosophical theology as well as theological ethics. (Baker)







wycliffedictionary1Wycliffe Dictionary of Theology

Examines over 850 theological topics in one convenient volume. It provides a conservative, evangelical perspective. (Hendrickson)









studentbibledictionary1The Student Bible Dictionary

A complete learning system to help you understand words, people, places, and events of the Bible. Complete enough for adult use, yet simple enough for late elementary school use. (Barbour)









holman1Holman Book of Biblical Charts, Maps, and Reconstructions

Beautiful full-color Bible charts featuring timelines, teachings of Jesus, family trees, lineage of ancient rulers & kingdoms, detailed historical events and more. Illustrated scale reconstructions of biblical cities and artifacts. Designed for use in churches, schools and home. It is an excellent reference tool for pastors, Bible teachers, students, families and individuals who appreciate a comprehensive approach to learning. (Broadman & Holman Press)