spurgeon1Spurgeon – A New Biography – Arnold Dallimore

Using the two-volume autobiography and other dependable sources, Dallimore has produced a much more concise narrative of Spurgeon’s life. He has also set out to understand and present something of the inner man – Spurgeon in his praying, his sufferings and depressions, his weakness and strengths. This volume will meet the need of those completely ignorant of Spurgeon and his vast achievements, but will also stir the interest of those who value his unique ministry. (Banner of Truth)






forgottonspurgeon1The Forgotten Spurgeon – Iain Murray

This book traces the main lines of Spurgeon’s spiritual thought in connection with the three great controversies in his ministry-the first was his stand against the diluted Gospel fashionable in the London to which the young preacher came in the 1850’s; the second, the famous “Baptismal Regeneration” debate of 1864; lastly, the lacerating Down-grade controversy of 1887-1891 when Spurgeon sought to awaken Christians to the danger of the Church “being buried beneath the boiling mud-showers of modern heresy.” (Banner of Truth)






freeindeed1Free Indeed – Heroes of Black Christian History – Mark Sidwell

What do a musician, a pioneer, a teacher, a dyer, a warehouse worker, a carpenter, an African prince and a janitor have in common? All were leaders who at great personal cost left a legacy for Christ in their communities, the world and the church of Christ. Most grew up in slavery and poverty. Many educated themselves, and even taught themselves to read. Some became missionaries in the land of their ancestry or to native Americans. Others pioneered denominations still in existence. Some wrote hymns still enjoyed throughout Christendom today. Several saw great revivals. All experienced the double hardship of religious persecution combined with racial discrimination. All were African Americans. (Bob Jones Press)




andrewbonar1Andrew Bonar – Marjory Bonar

This biography tells the story of the great Scottish preacher and author who “spoke to the hearts of his hearers – simply and directly, not thinking of how to please them, but delivering a message from the Lord.” (Ambassador)









andrewmurray1Andrew Murray – W. M. Douglas

Murray’s lifetime of work to deepen the spiritual life of Christians has touched the church world-wide. Here is your opportunity to meet the man behind some of the best loved devotional classics of our time! (Ambassador)









dlmoody1D. L. Moody, Soul Winner – Chester Mann

This biographical book tells the secrets behind the success of one of the greatest evangelists this world has ever seen. Tells how Moody traded business success for evangelism, and by his death in 1900, he had spoken before more than 100 million people. (Ambassador)








johnwesley1John Wesley – John Telford

This book paints a vivid picture of Wesley’s spiritual journey, his active life and the message he preached. (Ambassador)









robertmurraymcheyne1Robert Murray M’Cheyne – J. C. Smith

A biography of M’Cheyne is written by one of the thousands of his converts. This book will bring the simple message and desire of a great man of God into your heart and soul. “He preached with eternity stamped upon his brow.” F. B. Meyer said of this book: “I have much enjoyed reading this book. Oh that we could have more of the spirit of M’Cheyne and see again the work of those days (Ambassador)







williamcarey1William Carey, Pioneer Missionary – E. A. Arnett

He preached a famous sermon ‘Expect Great Things from God; Attempt Great Things for God’ and a year later sailed to India and has since been acclaimed as the ‘Father of Modern Missions.’ William Carey (1761-1834) Missionary to India. Born near Northampton, England, he worked as a shoe maker from the age of sixteen to twenty-eight. Following his conversion at eighteen, he became a preacher among the Baptists, working by day and ministering in his spare time. He developed a great burden for the unevangelized in heathen lands and in 1793 he sailed for Bengal, India. He worked untiringly for thirty-four years, Bible translation and production, evangelism, church-planting, education and medical relief. Carey has generally been acclaimed as ‘The Father of Modern Missions.’ This is a short but vivid and inspiring biography. No one can read this book and remain the same. (Ambassador)


gipsysmith1Gipsy Smith (Autobiography)

This inspiring autobiography tells the story of the life of a man who, uneducated and from a broken home, came to know Christ. God used him to influence millions of souls for Him. His life is a testimony that God can use anyone – no matter how humble their beginnings. A wonderful tool for helping those from broken homes or disadvantaged circumstances. (Ambassador)







titanicslasthero1Titanic’s Last Hero – Moody Adams

This inspiring book is the story of the man who gave away his life jacket, called for Christians to give up their seats in the lifeboat so the unsaved could survive, and won his last convert in the sub-freezing water as he died. This book will increase your faith, impart an inspiring purpose to your life and bring you new assurance in your future. (Ambassador)







apassionforflying1A Passion for Flying (Exciting Stories of a Boeing Test Pilot) – Marvin Michael

See Marvin Michael and crew parachuting out of a wildly oscillating B-17 Flying Fortress. Sit in the cockpit of his huge B-29 Superfortress receiver braving enormous hazards as he delicately maneuvers within 25 feet of the tanker to take on fuel through the highly acclaimed Boeing boom inflight refuelling system. Experience his adventures flying a 36 year old DC-3 in famine relief in Ethiopia. Read his exciting stories during 60 years of flying. (Ambassador)