Children’s Books


“Children are a heritage of the Lord” – Psalm 127:3


God’s word makes it clear that fathers are to bring up their children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. Providing good Christian reading is certainly a vital ingredient of that process.


Visit our special children’s room where you will find an excellent selection of books for children ranging from pre-school to junior readers.


lullabible1LullaBible – A Musical Treasury for Mother and Baby

This special LullaBible book and audio collection contains a beautifully illustrated Bible story book and two cassettes which combine restful arrangements with soothing vocals. (Broadman and Holman)









bedtimesnuggles1Bedtime Snuggles

Cuddle up with your child and this beautifully illustrated bedtime storybook starring Christopher Churchmouse and his mouse family and friends. It begins with a rhyming story about Christopher’s bedtime fears, and helpful Tuck-Me-In Tips for parents. (Moody)








bigthoughts1Big Thoughts For Little People – Kenneth N. Taylor

ABC’S to help you grow. (Tyndale)










kingwithoutashadow1The King without a Shadow – R.C. Sproul

“Why do we have shadows? Where Do they come from?” the little boy asked the Great King. Come learn with the King and the little boy about the King without a shadow….and you’ll learn about God’s awesome holiness. (Presbyterian & Reformed)








nopetsallowed1No Pets Allowed

Animals appear every time Percy writes a spelling word. (Bob Jones Press)










grandpasgizmos1Grandpa’s Gizmos – John Menken

A visit to Grandma and Grandpa Winslow is always exciting since you never know what by happening in Grandpa’s yard. (Bob Jones Press)









miraclesofjesus1Miracles of Jesus

A book for young children specially written in simple style. Even the smallest will enjoy listening while older ones read the stories for themselves. Great reverence is shown for the Person of Jesus and the authority of the Bible. (Gospel Standard Publications)








DinosaursByDesign1Dinosaurs by Design – Duane T. Gish

Everyone wants to know about dinosaurs! Dinosaurs by Design takes you into the exciting world of dinosaurs to find out what they were really like. (Master Books)









savedatsea1Saved At Sea – Mrs. O. F. Walton

When just twelve years old, Alick does what many boys dream of doing – he helps with a daring rescue attempt when a ship strikes the rocks hear his island home. (Bible Truth)









littlehandsstorybible1Little Hands Story Bible

Sixty nine touching stories with questions to help children listen. Bold, captivating illustrations. Scripture reference for each story. (Christian Focus)









noodlesoup1Noodle Soup – Gloria Repp

When Jon’s family moves to the city, he is homesick and curious and excited all at once. But just as he begins to enjoy city life and his new friend, Skeet, he notices that something is wrong with his mother.  (Bob Jones Press)








dangerousjourney1Dangerous Journey

The timeless story of Pilgrim’s Progress told again for another generation. This version, prepared for the TV series, “Dangerous Journey”, uses the original words of John Bunyan carefully selected by Oliver Hunkin to present a gripping narrative. Including brilliant full color illustrations, this hard cover 10″ x 10.1/2″ edition makes a wonderful gift. (Eerdmans)







bigbook1The Big Book

The world and everything in it are God’s majestic and wonderful creations. Even the biggest things like lofty, snowcapped mountains or the endless, blue sky are His handiwork. Come along and explore the wonder and excitement of God’s biggest creations! (Master Books)








tinybook1The Tiny Book

The world and everything in it are God’s majestic and wonderful creations. Even the tiniest things like the dots on a ladybug’s back or gently falling snowflakes are His handiwork. (Master Books)









dinkycreationdays1Dinky Dinosaur – Creation Days

Follow the fun narration of a lovable dinosaur named Dinky as he describes the creation of everything, and share with you child the God who made it all. (Master Books)









dinkywhosmyfriend1Dinky Dinosaur – Who’s my friend?

Everyone needs at least one friend, and Dinky the Dinosaur discovers that fact early in life. This delightful book will make readers giggle. Children will love it too! (Preschool) (Master Books)









godsquietthings1God’s Quiet Things

Nancy Sweetland’s delightful lyrics show children the marvelous things in nature that they can discover by looking and listening. (Eerdmans)









ahomeforthehampsters1A Home For The Hamsters – Larry Burkett’s Great Smoky Mountains Storybook Series

Sarah and Joshua want to buy hamsters! Their parents tell them they each can buy their own hamster if they save enough money to purchase them. Find out what happens as Sarah and Joshua learn how to save and to share. (Moody)







lastchanceforcamp1Last Chance for Camp – Larry Burkett’s Great Smokey Mountains Storybook Series

Learn the important lesson about diligence and earning your own money. (Moody)









sarahandtheartcontest1Sarah and the Art Contest – Larry Burkett’s Great Smokey Mountains Storybook Series

Learn why it’s not always a good idea to buy the first thing that catches your eye. (Moody)









childrensillustratedbible1The Children’s Illustrated Bible – (Stories told by Selina Hastings)

Bible stories retold especially for children in clear, lively language that retains the poetry of the traditional text. Color photographs of plants, animals, people, and places of the Bible lands set the stories in context. A special gift for children and a source of inspiration for the entire family. (New Leaf Press)








godcreatedthebirds1God Created the Birds – Collector Book with Stickers

Ages 4 and up. There are eight books in the “God Created Series”; collect this wonderful new children’s series and watch young minds soar through the universe God has made (Master Books)









sugarcreekgang1Sugar Creek Gang Series

The Sugar Creek Gang series chronicles the faith-building adventures of a group of fun-loving, courageous Christian boys. These classic stories have been inspiring children to grow in their faith for more than five decades. There are 36 books in this series. (Moody)








friendshipmutiny1Friendship Mutiny

The Theme is Choosing Friends Can Captain Friendly and his scurvy crew really take over the Jolly Roger? Will Patch end up as shark bait? Learn the value of good friends, faithfulness, and discernment. (Majesty Music)









misterslippiriverrace1MisterSlippi River Race

Climb aboard the Jolly Roger with Patch and crew. We guarantee each adventure will encourage your family and friends with creative stories and Biblical truth. (Majesty Music)