Christian Life


Living the Christian life requires spiritual discipline.


“And beside this giving diligence, add to your faith virtue; and to virtue knowledge; and to knowledge temperance; and to temperance patience; and to patience godliness…” – 2 Peter 1:5-6


spiritualdisciplines1Spiritual Disciplines For The Christian Life – Donald S. Whitney

This guide draws from the rich heritage left us by the early church fathers, the Puritan writers, and Jesus Himself to lead group members or individuals through a carefully selected array of disciplines, including Scripture reading, meditation and application, prayer, worship, evangelism, stewardship, fasting, silence and solitude, and journaling.








honestymorality&conscience1Honesty, Morality & Conscience – Jerry White

We want to be men and women of integrity. But living honestly is tough particularly when the standards for ethical behavior seem to shift and change constantly. And there are many areas about which the Bible doesn’t speak specifically. How do we know what to do about those “gray” areas of life? This book addresses those issues. (NavPress)







pursuitofholiness1The Pursuit of Holiness – Jerry Bridges

“Be holy for I am holy,” commands God to His people. But holiness is something that is often missing in the Christian’s daily life. According to Jerry Bridges, that’s because we’re not exactly sure what our part in holiness is. In the The Pursuit of Holiness, he helps us see clearly just what we should rely on God to do – and what we should accept as responsibility for ourselves. (NavPress) (study guide available)







practiceofgodliness1The Practice of Godliness – Jerry Bridges

Scripture tells us that God has given us “everything we need for godliness.” But what makes a Christian godly? In the Practice of Godliness, Jerry Bridges examines what it means to grow in Christian character and helps us establish the foundation upon which that character is built. Bridges opens our eyes to see how character formation affects the way we relate to God, to ourselves, and to others. (NavPress) (study guide available)







joyoffearing1The Joy of Fearing God – Jerry Bridges

For the most of us, fear is something we try to avoid. But Jerry Bridges shows how the fear of the Lord is actually the key that opens the door to a life of true knowledge, wisdom, blessing, and joy. (NavPress)









keystospiritualgrowth1The Keys to Spiritual Growth – John MacArthur

Throughout God’s Word it is clear that He longs for us to have a relationship with Him. Sometimes, however, we can get so locked into learning about Him that we neglect to know God Himself. We forget we can go past the written words to the One who authored them – opening our hearts to a richer, more personal knowledge of Him. (NavPress)







strugglingbutwinning1Struggling But Winning (A Survival Guide for Christians) – Peter Jeffrey

Being a child of God in a world that is alien to God has never been an easy proposition. There are times for the Christian when life is a struggle. Opposition arises, problems develop, situations seem hopeless and all this causes frustration and sometimes despair. But the problems and difficulties of the Christian life are no grounds for despair because out of every battle comes victory. (Evangelical Press)







christianshighcalling1The Christian’s High Calling – Maurice Roberts

A reviewer described Maurice Robert’s earlier book The Thought of God as ‘a contemporary work with the depth of the classics which speaks across denominational and cultural lines’. His new book has the same classic quality and universal Christian appeal. The theme is the Christian life as a high and glorious calling, with present enjoyment, duties and conflicts, leading to unutterable glory, and holiness of the world to come.” (Banner of Truth)






spiritualdepression1Spiritual Depression (Its Causes and Its Cure) – D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones

This enduring collection of twenty-one sermons by D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, each originally delivered at Westminster Chapel in London, carefully and compassionately analyzes an undeniable feature of modern society from which Christians have not escaped – spiritual depression. (Eerdmans)








trustinggod1Trusting God (Even When Life Hurts) – Jerry Bridges

Adversity is hard to endure, and can be even harder to understand. If God were really in control, why would He allow a tragic auto accident or a crucial job loss? How could He permit cancer in a loved one or the death of a child? (NavPress) (study guide available)








disciplineofgrace1The Discipline of Grace – Jerry Bridges

If you have ever struggled with what your role is and what role God takes in your growth as a Christian, this book will comfort and challenge you as you learn to rest in Christ while vigorously pursuing a life of holiness. (NavPress)








transforminggrace1Transforming Grace – Jerry Bridges (Living Confidently in God’s Unfailing Love) – Jerry Bridges

Funny how the exceeding riches of God’s grace seem to run out the moment we’re saved. From then on, we tend to base our relationship with Him on our performance rather than on His grace. (NavPress)








holinessofgod1The Holiness of God – R. C. Sproul

“Every Christian who is serious about his or her growth needs to read The Holiness of God. I profited greatly from this book” Jerry Bridges, author of The Pursuit of Holiness. (Tyndale)









growinginchrist1Growing in Christ – J. I. Packer

This is a Companion book to Knowing God also by J. I. Packer We mature spiritually by carefully learning and thoughtfully living the essentials of the faith that are too often taken for granted or overlooked in our daily walk. (Crossway Books)








forgiveness1Forgiveness – John MacArthur

Forgiveness is not a casual concept. God takes it seriously. So seriously that He has not given us an option in the matter. Obedience to His Word is essential (Crossway Books) (hard cover)









fromforgiventoforgiving1From Forgiven to Forgiving – Jay E. Adams

This book will help you understand all of the dimensions of the process of forgiveness. He can help you understand biblical forgiveness from beginning to end, and apply that understanding to everydaysituations ranging from forgiving your straying spouse or prodigal child – and being forgiven by them as well. (Calvary Press)








findingthewillofgod1Finding the Will of God – Bruce Waltke

For many, trying to discover “God’s will” is a confusing and frustrating process. Waltke shows readers that the truest course to the will of God is found in faithfully answering the call to walk close to the Lord and be conformed to His likeness. Only then will we have the heart of God and know what pleases Him. (Eerdmans)








artofdivinecontentment1The Art of Divine Contentment – Thomas Watson

In this book, the doctrine of Christian contentment is clearly illustrated and profitably applied.) (Soli Deo Gloria Publishers) (hardcover)









enemywithin1The Enemy Within – Kris Lungaard

Straight talk about the power and defeat of indwelling sin. Why do I keep on Sinning? This book takes dead aim at the heart of ongoing sin. Drawing from two masterful works by John Owen, Kris Lungaard offers insight, encouragement, and hope for overcoming the enemy within. (Presbyterian & Reformed)








believersneedthegospel1Believers Need the Gospel (Reaffirming the Gospel Message for Today’s Christians) – Peter Jeffery

Christians are what they are because of the gospel. Duing the first few weeks of being a Christian, they couldn’t get enough of the gospel. They were captivated by its message. They settled into their new Christian life and began to learn the need for holiness and discipleship, but imperceptibly, perhaps, there grew in them a tendency to lose the simple thrill of being saved. (Calvary Press)






howtolive1How to Live in a Dangerous World – Roger Ellsworth

Our televisions and newspapers bombard us with dangers threatening our economy, our environment, our educational system and more, but the greatest dangers we face are spiritual ones. (Evangelical Press)









jonathanedwardsresolutions1Jonathan Edward’s Resolutions – Edited by Stephen Nichols

While completing his preparation for the ministry, Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758) wrote seventy resolutions that guided him throughout his life. He was 19 years old at the time he began writing these resolutions. (Presbyterian & Reformed)








howlongolord1How Long O Lord? – D. A. Carson

Reflections on Suffering & Evil. This book covers a wealth of biblical material with carefully reasoned clarity and umbrella-like relevance to help us prepare for whatever difficulties life may bring. (Baker)









thepursuitofgod1The Pursuit of God – A. W. Tozer

During a rain trip from Chicago to Texas in the later 1940’s, A. W. Tozer began to write The Pursuit of God. He wrote all night, the words coming to him as fast as he could put them down. When the train pulled into McAllen, the rough draft was done. Although written in such a remarkably short period of time, the depth, clarity and completeness of Tozer’s message has made The Pursuit of God an enduring favorite. (Christian Publications)