sketchesfromchurchhistory1Sketches from Church History – (An Illustrated Account of 20 Centuries of Christ’s Power) – S. M. Houghton

In this present century comparatively few Christian churches have thought it needful that every Christian should know the spiritual history which lies behind the present day. And therein, it may be argued, lies no small part of the spiritual weakness and superficiality of contemporary religion. For church history ought to provide a standard of comparison, it ought to raise our vision of God, and it ought to show us, by countless examples, what faithfulness to Christ truly means. (Banner of Truth)





howtobehaveinchurch1How to Behave in Church – (A Guide to Church Life) – Peter Jeffrey

If every member was just like me, what kind of church would my church be? Would it be a more prayerful church? Would it be more concerned for the Lost and more pleasing to God? To expect our church to be any more spiritual than we are is hypocritical. The church is made up of individuals just like us. For the church is the people, God’s people. (Evangelical Press)







lifeinthefathershouse1Life in the Father’s House (A Member’s Guide to the Local Church) – Wayne Mack & David Swavely

In our individualistic society, church membership, faithful church attendance, and active service in the body of Christ are often considered optional, even among professing Christians. Some, in fact, view the organized church as a hindrance to spiritual growth and freedom. Not so, say the authors of this helpful overview of the local church. (Presbyterian & Reformed)






spiritualdisciplineswithinthechurch1Spiritual Disciplines Within The Church – Donald S. Whitney

In a world committed to self-seeking and the thirst for individual rights, its hard to create a genuine community based on self-sacrifice and mutual commitment – but that is just what the church must do. In Spiritual Disciplines Within the Church seminary professor, author, and former pastor Don Whitney shows how the local church can build a sense of community and turn people from passive attendees into active participants. (Moody)







onwardchristiansoldiers1Onward, Christian Soldiers – Protestants Affirm the Church

Onward Christian Soldiers is a powerful collection of first-rate articles on the nature, management, marks and importance of the church of Jesus Christ. It is a topic that has long been neglected by evangelicals. I know that you will be encouraged.” James M. Boice (Soli Deo Gloria)








standingontherock1Standing on the Rock (Upholding Biblical Authority in a Secular Age) – James Montgomery Boice

Do we have reason to believe not only that the Bible is God’s Word, but that it is God’s unique revelation, without error and sufficient in every way for our salvation? Can we understand the Bible and defend it against the attacks of critics and skeptics? (Kregel)







avisionformissions1A Vision For Missions – Tom Wells

Foreign Missionary endeavor sometimes appears hesitant, even half-hearted before the problems of this age. Poverty and famine, national religious and cultural issues, and above all the weakness of the ‘Christian’ West, have thrown doubt on the work of missions as it was once understood. Tom Wells writes with conviction that Christians must come back to first principles. Human need and world conditions are not the starting point. The Gospel is a call to know and worship God, and the primary conviction of the messenger must be that God is worthy to be known. The missionary vision must begin with God. (Banner of Truth)





biblicalchurchdiscipline1Biblical Church Discipline – Daniel Wray

Today the church faces a moral crisis within her own ranks. Her failure to take a strong stand against evil (even in her own midst), and her tendency to be more concerned about what is expedient than what is right, has robbed the church of biblical integrity and power. (Banner of Truth)








evangelicalheathenism1Evangelical Heathenism? – E. Calvin Beisner

By starting with the definition of freedom as the “power of contrary choice,” contemporary revivalism theology is forced ultimately to deny nearly the whole defining body of Christian faith: original sin, unregenerate man’s moral inability, the imputation of Christ’s righteousness in justification, the substitutionary atonement for sin, and the moral and intellectual infinity, perfection, and immutability of God. (Cannon Press)







diningwiththedevil1Dining With The Devil (The Mega Church Movement Flirts with Modernity) – Os Guiness

Today’s megachurch movement should heed this warning, because of its often uncritical use of management and marketing tools to induce growth. Os Guiness provides a perceptive, thoughtful assessment of this movement and its proneness to compromise with modernity. (Baker)








whatmakesachurchevangelical1What Makes A Church Evangelical? – James Montgomery Boice

Despite Evangelicalism’s strong truth-heritage, the spirit of the postmodern age is threatening the health of the church and faith in many of God’s people. Only a return to our theological roots – the biblical doctrines summarized by the solas of the Reformation – can keep the evangelical church standing strong. (Crossway Books)








importanceofthelocalchurch1The Importance of the Local Church – Daniel E. Wray

Is the local church really important? Might Christians get along well without it? Does it really matter whether I participate in it or not? Even if I go to church services, does it matter whether I join? (Banner)









regulativeprincipleofthechurch1The Regulative Principle of the Church – Samuel Waldron

This booklet shows that the church is the temple of God, and it is this fact that brings both its worship and its organization under the special regulation of the Word of God.









pop goes the gospel1Pop Goes the Gospel (Rock in the Church) – John Blanchard

This book is an attempt to take a calm, balanced, thorough and biblical look at the whole subject of what has been called ‘entertainment’ evangelism’. You may never listen to music the same way again. (Evangelical Press)









savingmoneyandbuyingsmart1The Complete Church Guide to Saving Money & Buying Smart

The experts from Your Church Magazine offer answers to your most honest questions on everything from stained glass to speaker systems. (Broadman/Holman)









principlesandpractices1Principles And Practices For Baptist Churches – Edward T. Hiscox

This indispensable guide to the administration of Baptist churches contains a wealth of information that is applicable to all churches who follow an independent or congregational church polity. (Kregel)









critiqueofmodernyouthministry1Critique of Modern Youth Ministry – Christopher Schlect

The Church today does not expect what it ought from children and their parents, and this can be attributed in large part to a flawed concept of youth ministry. (Cannon Press)









soap1S. O. A. P.

Activity Notebook. This valuable reference guide contains hundreds of games, skits, warm-ups, songs and activities. Three-ring binder for easy use. S. O. A. P. stands for: SURPRISE, ORIGINALITY, ADVENTURE, PURPOSE ! This series comes in seven volumes.








celebratingthesabbath1Celebrating the Sabbath – Bruce Ray

The Sabbath, just another day? or a special gift from God….a gift worth keeping as He commanded??? (Presbyterian & Reformed)









Worship-in-the-Melting-Pot1Worship in the Melting Pot – Peter Masters

New trends in worship have shaken traditional concepts and attitudes, giving rise to much heart-searching and a flurry of books. Is it all just a matter of generation and taste? Are the traditions of today only the innovations of yesterday? This lively and clearly reasoned book focuses on four crucial principles of worship laid down by Christ and strongly re-affirmed at the Reformation. These central pillars are rapidly passing out of sight today, yet it is surely by these that all new ideas should be assessed. (Wakeman Trust)