existenceandattributes1The Existence and Attributes of God – Stephen Charnock

Though written in the seventeenth century, The Existence and Attributes of God remains a classic, exhaustive treatment of the doctrine of God. Charnock reflects on Scripture to draw out its full implications for understanding the God of the Old and New Testaments. The practical aim of these meditations is godly living, so that increased knowledge leads naturally to greater obedience and more heartfelt worship.” In this book, Charnock meticulously works through the doctrines of God’s power, patience, holiness, wisdom, knowledge, dominion, goodness, and immutability.





knowinggod1Knowing God – J.I. Packer

Over one million copies sold. “If any work of Christian literature deserves the title of ‘contemporary classic,’ I believe that J.I. Packer’s Knowing God qualifies” D. James Kennedy J.I. Packer writes: “The conviction behind the book is that ignorance of God – ignorance both of his ways and of the practice of communion with him – lies at the root of much of the church’s weakness today.”







doctrineoftheknowledge1The Doctrine of the Knowledge of God (A Theology of Lordship) – John Fame

Frame explores our relationship with God as a knowing relationship. He writes, ‘We tend to forget how often in Scripture God performs His mighty acts so that men will know that He is Lord.’ (Presbyterian & Reformed)









godtranscendent1God Transcendent – J. Gresham Machen

God Transcendent is a collection of Machen’s addresses. He expounds the greatness and glory of God, the wonder and power of the gospel and the exhilaration of serving Christ in the front line of spiritual warfare. (Banner)








sovereigntyofgod1The Sovereignty of God – A. W. Pink

Who is regulating the affairs on this earth today – God, or the Devil? The substance of Arthur Pink’s answer to this provocative question is expressed in these words: “…though the world is panic-stricken, the word to the believer is, “Fear no!” ‘all things’ are moving in accord with His eternal purpose, and therefore, ‘all things’ are working together for good to them that love the Lord…” (Banner of Truth)









forgottentrinity1The Forgotten Trinity – James White

The Trinity is a basic teaching of the Christian faith. It defines God’s essence and describes how He relates to us. The Forgotten Trinity is a concise, understandable explanation of what the Trinity is and why it matters. It refutes cultic distortions of God. (Bethany)








jesusisbothgodandman1Jesus is Both God And Man – Stuart Olyott

How often are Christians amazed at the wonder of the person of the Lord Jesus Christ? How ell equipped are they to defend their belief in Christ against the attacks of members of cults who come knocking at the door? (Evangelical Press)








theapostolicpreaching1The Apostolic Preaching of the Cross – Leon Morris

The Apostolic Preaching of the Cross, a work that can now be placed among the modern classics of biblical scholarship, delves into the minds of the apostles when they used such words as “redeem”, “covenant”, “propitiate”, “reconcile”, and “justify” – concepts that remain central to the Christian faith today. The result of Morris’s careful background research is a lucid and rewarding study of the source of Christian theology – the death of Christ and the interpretation of its significance by the early church. (Eerdmans)






christintheoldtestament1Christ in the Old Testament – J. Borland

In this totally revised book you will find a positive theology of theophanies as well as a defense against erroneous views. It is the most comprehensive book of its type, although not every Christophany is investigated, all categories are represented. (Mentor)










doctrineoftheholyspirit1The Doctrine of the Holy Spirit – George Smeaton

Filled with the Spirit of Pentecost, he writes, ‘the timid became bold, the selfish self-denied, the arrogant humble’, and he characterizes as ‘mischievous and misleading’ the opinion that the Church, having received the Paraclete, is no longer warranted to pray for effusions of transforming power today. (Banner of Truth)








workoftheholyspirit1The Work of the Holy Spirit – Octavius Winslow

A reprint of a thorough and moving work on the place of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer. A work which will establish the feet of many on the way of holiness. (Banner of Truth)









giftsoftheholyspirit1The Gifts of the Holy Spirit – C. R. Vaughan

Claims about the ‘gifts of the Spirit’ continue to receive a good deal of attention. While firmly rejecting the idea of a return of the miraculous gifts of the apostolic era, C. R. Vaughan recognized the low spiritual condition of the Christian Church. He claimed that the remedy for this lies in coming to see that the Holy Sprit himself is given o the church. (Banner of Truth)







windandfire1Wind & Fire – C. H. Spurgeon

Ten sermons on the Holy Spirit. Wind & Fire explores: The Power of the Holy Spirit; The Outpouring of the Holy Spirit; The Great Teacher; The Comforter; The Pentecostal Wind and Fire. (Ambassador)











condemedforever1Condemned For Ever! – Eryl Davies

Many Christians, as well as non-Christians, genuinely question what the Bible has to say about the subject of hell and eternal punishment. This book summarizes in a simple and readable style the teaching of the Bible about life after death, and helps the reader to face these doubt honestly and practically. (Evangelical Press)








doctrineofrepentance1The Doctrine of Repentance – Thomas Watson

A good case could be made out for believing that ‘repentance’ is one of the least used words in the Christian church today. In a world that will not tolerate the mention of sin, and in churches where it has been defined only in sociological terms, the biblical teaching on repentance has inevitably been ignored. (Banner of Truth)








reformeddoctrine1The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination – Loraine Boettner

One of the most thorough and convincing statements on predestination to have appeared in any language, The Reformed Doctrine of Predestination has been regarded as the authoritative work in this field. (Presbyterian & Reformed Publishing)








reformedfaith1The Reformed Faith – Loraine Boettner

This booklet is a brief and lucid exposition of the key doctrines of the Reformed faith pertaining to salvation. Dr. Boettner explains God’s sovereignty, man’s total helplessness, and universalistic passages in Scripture. In doing so he clearly sets forth the contrast between Reformed and Arminian positions.








doctrineofsanctification1The Doctrine of Sanctification – A. W. Pink

Is sanctification something believers have, or something they experience? How is it obtained – is it done for us, by us, or both? How may you be assured that you have been sanctified? (Christian Heritage)









redemptionaccomplished1Redemption Accomplished And Applied – John Murray

In this enduring study of the atonement, Murray systematically explains the two sides of redemption: its accomplishment by Christ and its application to the life of the redeemed. (Eerdmans)









faithalone1Faith Alone (The Evangelical Doctrine of Justification) – R. C. Sproul

An exhaustive analysis of the doctrine of justification by faith alone. There are plenty of people, who in their concern for “togetherness” are in danger of marginalizing the gospel. The book is not a light read, but is interesting and the author has taken care to provide plenty of helps in hard places. (Baker)