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howandwhyofhome1The How & Why of Home Schooling – Ray E. Ballmann

This new and expanded edition of The How and Why of Home Schooling not only makes a persuasive case for home schooling but gives practical guidelines for successfully teaching your children at home. (Crossway)









organizedhomeschooler1The Organized Home Schooler – Vicki Caruana

“A useful guide for every homeschooler whether she falls into the ‘organizationally challenged’ or the ‘already well-organized’ category. Covers how to organize your thoughts, your time, your space and loads more. Best of all, it offers manageable techniques for everyone.” Maureen MCCaffrey – Publisher and Editor-in-Chief, Homeschooling Today Magazine (Crossway)







sacredfoundation1A Sacred Foundation – Michael Farris

The Importance Of Strength In The Home School Marriage – Hundreds of thousands of home school spouses have discovered something – maintaining an excellent marriage is tough! As if normal pressures of life weren’t enough, parents who choose the incredible benefits of home schooling soon discover that an entirely new level of intensity is added to their marriage. (Broadman/Holman)







weatherbook1The Weather Book – Michael Oard

Learning about the weather is fun! It will challenge the way you look at the clouds in the sky. Now you’ll have more of an understanding about what is going on miles above your head. And when you hear a weather report on television, you’ll understand so much more about the world around you! (New Leaf Press)








worldofchemistry1Exploring the World of Chemistry – John Hudson Tiner

Exploring the World of Chemistry brings science to life and is a wonderful learning tool with many illustrations, biographical information, chapter tests and an index for easy referencing. (New Leaf Press)









christianmenofscience1Christian Men of Science – George Mulfinger & Julia Mulfinger Orozco

Eleven Men Who Changed the World.  “Every Christian interested in either science or creation should have this book.” Dr. Danny R. Faulkner, Professor of Astronomy and Physics, University of South Carolina at Lancaster. (Ambassador)








charactercounts1Character Counts – Edited by Os Guinness

Leadership qualities in Washington, Wilberforce, Lincoln, and Solzhenitsyn. Character Counts contains brief biographical and reflective chapters about four remarkable world figures who not only withstood the extreme adversities of their offices and circumstances but flourished and grew under pressure to become people who made a difference in their times.







worldthatperished1The World That Perished – John C. Whitcomb

A forceful sequel to The Genesis Flood, radiates an unshakeable faith in the authority of the Word of God. Whitcomb maintains with vigor that the Bible declares and affirms a supernatural, catastrophic flood of worldwide proportions, a declaration that is corroborated by scientific observations that are not warped by a uniformitarian bias geology.







earlyearth1The Early Earth – John C. Whitcomb

An introduction to Biblical Creationism. The case for biblical creationism is presented comprehensively, yet explained so clearly that the layperson, and even young people can easily understand it. (Baker)









whatswiththemutant1What’s with the Mutant in the Microscope? – Johnson & White

Stuff to know when Science says your uncle is a monkey. What’s With the Mutant in the Microscope? romps through the solid scientific reasons to believe God made your world. (Bethany House)









greatadventurers1Great Adventurers of the Twentieth Century – Ron Tagliapietra

Have you ever wanted to go on an adventure? Now you can accompany twenty-one adventurers on their record-setting trips of the twentieth century. (BJU Press)









sevenwonders1The Seven Wonders of the World – Ron Tagliapietra

Identifying the Seven Wonders of the World intrigues every age. Now through this fact-filled books, you can discover the seven Technological Wonders of our age by first learning the standard that was set by the seven Ancient Wonders such as the Great Pyramid. While enjoying enlightening tips from this ready resource, you can travel the globe on a journey you are sure to enjoy. (BJU Press)







gemstelltheirsecret1Gems Tell Their Secret – J. Rouw

In this booklet you will find many interesting facts about gems, choice photographs of gems and the play of light, list of important gems with their facts and figures, their quarries and many other interesting facts.









godmadethemgreat1God Made Them Great – John Tallach

Estimating greatness not by the usual standards of judgment, John Tallach retells the story of five lives: George Muller, Isobel Kuhn, Billy Bray, David Brainerd, Robert Annan. These Christians are unrecorded in the world’s annals of fame, but if the true principle of living Christianity is simple dependence upon God, and child-like faith, then their lives are eminent among those ‘of whom the world is not worthy’. Living in different countries and at different times, they each became ‘like little children’, and God made them great.  (Banner of Truth)






howtostaychristian1How to Stay Christian in College – J. Budziszewski

When you go to college, you’re leaving behind your network of support and heading to a world with different perspectives, responsibilities and expectations. Even if you’re going to a “Christian” college, there’s no guarantee you won’t face challenges to your faith.  (NavPress)








girlofbeauty1A Girl of Beauty (Building Character in Young Girls) – Carol Fiddler

In our culture of moral breakdown, character and values seem to be at risk of extinction. Written especially for preteens, A Girl of Beauty addresses issues such as truthfulness, sincerity, service, respect and contentment. Each chapter includes questions to guide girls in applying the truths taught and suggests Scriptures for further study and guidance. (Back to the Bible)







studentbibledictionary1The Student Bible Dictionary

A complete learning system to help you understand words, people, places, and events of the Bible. Complete enough for adult use, yet simple enough for late elementary school use. (Barbour)









mayflowerpilgrims1Mayflower Pilgrims – David Beale

This book is the fascinating account of one of the greatest adventures of all time, recounted here in its entire breadth, from Reformation backgrounds to the nineteenth century. Engagingly written, this complete and up-to-date account includes research never before published. This is the definitive work on the Mayflower Pilgrims Explains in one book all the strands of history that brought the Pilgrims to Plymouth Rock. Traces links from the Pilgrims to the Baptists, Presbyterians, Congregationalists and others. Interweaves Puritan history into the Pilgrim story. Distinguishes the Pilgrim Separatists from radical groups. Portrays the Pilgrims in realistic fashion from their families to their fears, from doctrine to dress styles, from convictions to everyday churches and customs. Records amazing accounts of information concerning individual passengers on the Mayflower and what happened to them. Gives a full account of the first Thanksgiving and its subsequent history. Examines popular myths of Pilgrim history such as The Courtship of Miles Standish and many others. Recounts the story of Plymouth all the way to 1800 rather than simply leaving the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock. Outlines the importance and contributions of the Pilgrims and why they must never be forgotten. (Ambassador)



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