calledtotheministry1Called to the Ministry – Edmund P. Clowney

What is Christ’s calling to you? You may be seeking an answer; you may be avoiding the questions, but when the Lord calls he will be answered. God’s call came suddenly to Elisha; he was plowing a field Elijah cast the prophet’s mantle on him. Levi was in a toll booth, and Peter held a fishing net when the Lord called him? But how does the Lord call today? What does the Bible say about Christ’s calling? (Presbyterian & Reformed)







christianministry1The Christian Ministry – Charles Bridges

Bridges begins by considering the general and personal causes of ministerial ineffectiveness, and goes on to examine comprehensively preaching and pastoral work. This books was one of the few which the godly Robert Murray M’Cheyne took with him to the Holy Land, in its field it is without equal. (Banner of Truth)








anallroundministry1An All-Round Ministry – C. H. Spurgeon

While Spurgeon is always, both stimulating and challenging, the context in which these addresses were given brought the best out of him and gave them unique quality. Full of biblical exposition, wise counsel, practical sanity and warm exhortation, they also sparkle with a delightful wit. Here is Spurgeon at his finest as a man with a pastoral heart par excellence.  (Banner of Truth)







lecturestomystudents1Lectures to My Students – C. H. Spurgeon

Spurgeon realized that he could influence the church beyond his own lifetime if he could encourage future pastors to trust the Bible, love people, and preach the truth fearlessly. To achieve this he collected his lectures to his college students and published a book. It has been a classic of pastoral theology ever since and is still used to train ministers to this day. (Christian Heritage)







evangelicaleloquence1Evangelical Eloquence (A Course of Lectures on Preaching) – R. L. Dabney

In these days of soundbite and autocue, public speaking is a declining art-form, though it is not extinct and still has its own weight and force.  Evangelical Eloquence, for Dabney, was unique.  It consisted in the soul’s virtuous energy exerted through speech which applied the authority of God to the conscience and formed the image of Christ upon the souls of men.  (Banner of Truth)







thoughtsonpreaching1Thoughts on Preaching – J. W. Alexander

In an area of Christian literature already well endowed, Alexander’s work makes a particular contribution in a number of ways. Firstly, it stimulates thought as well as informs, and thus meets an important need in the preacher’s life. Secondly, it contains a variety of material, and is therefore helpful to the novice and the experienced preacher alike.  (Banner of Truth)







powerofthepulpit1The Power of the Pulpit – Gardiner Spring

Biblical preaching is the backbone of the church. Where true preaching is discounted, the people of God become weak and spiritually flabby. They lose direction, and become absorbed in secondary, rather than primary matters. By Contrast, biblical preaching sets our eyes and hearts on God and his glory, exposes man in his sinfulness, and presents Christ in His grace and power. (Banner of Truth)







religiouslifeoftheological1The Religious Life of Theological Students – Benjamin Warfield

“Before and above being learned, a minister must be godly.”  (Presbyterian & Reformed)










reformedpastor1The Reformed Pastor – Richard Baxter

The Reformed Pastor, is a most extraordinary performance, and should be read by every young minister, before he takes a people under his stated care.” Phillip Doddridge (Banner of Truth)









exigeticalfallacies1Exegetical Fallacies – D. A. Carson

“This book….is a must for teachers, pastors, and serious Bible students.  Carson’s methodological approach is full of wisdom, it is penetrating, and it is clearly expressed. ” Thomas Schreiner, Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society (Baker)








sevenlawsofteaching1The Seven Laws of Teaching – John Milton Gregory

It will be a wise pastor or Christian education director who will require Sunday school teachers to read this book.” Bibliotheca Sacra (Baker)









howtopreparebiblemessages1How to Prepare Bible Messages – James Braga

This is a how-to-do-it book that lives up to its promise.  James Braga sets forth clearly and logically the step-by-step process of preparing and delivering an effective sermon.  (Multnomah Press)









broadmanministersmanual1The Broadman Minister’s Manual – Franklin M. Segler

The book is outlined by sections so that the materials desired may be easily located. At the beginning of each chapter certain guiding principles are set forth as practical aids in approaching a particular area of ministry. (Broadman)








ministersservicebook1Minister’s Service Book – Jesse Jai McNeil

Widely used since its original publication in 1961, this convenient volume contains a considerable variety of forms, orders, prayers, and aids that pastors can avail themselves of for worship services and other occasions. (Eerdmans)








christianministersmanual1Christian Minister’s Manual – Guthrie Veech

Wedding Services, Funeral Services, Ordinations, Dedications, Baptisms, Communion and Hospital Calls.  Scripture readings NIV & KJV. CD ROM contains all the Scriptures, sermons, outlines, etc. plus templates for building customized services to match every individual occasion.  (Standard)








encyclopediaofcompellingquotations1An Encyclopedia of Compelling Quotations – R. Daniel Watkins

Packed with over 10,000 quotes from over 3,200 individuals, and subdivided into almost 1,000 topics, An Encyclopedia of Compelling Quotations will add interest to any article, sermon, presentation or conversation. (includes a CD-Rom)








10000topicalillustrations110,000 Topical Illustrations From the Bible – Charles E. Little

Need to find an insightful illustration but don’t know where to look?  Often the best and richest illustrations are those that come from God’s Word.  This classic reference has been a valuable tool for generations of speakers, writers and preachers.  (Hendrickson)








myheartforthycause1My Heart For Thy Cause – Brian Borgman

Pastor A. N. Martin taught Pastoral Theology in the Trinity Ministerial Academy for twenty years. In this book, Pastor Borgan has combined these lectures with numerous illustrations and examples from Pastor Martin’s own preaching and other sources. Here the wonderful theme of “powerful preaching” is explored, from the calling of the preacher to the life of the man of God in the pulpit. (Christian Focus)







whatswrongwithpreachingtoday1What’s Wrong With Today’s Preaching? – Albert N. Martin

The Christian Church today stands in need of a recovery of good preaching.  The ability to analyze the weaknesses of contemporary preaching (and preachers) is essential to developing healthy and fruitful preaching.  (Banner of Truth)