Worship-in-the-Melting-Pot1Worship in the Melting Pot – Peter Masters

New trends in worship have shaken traditional concepts and attitudes, giving rise to much heart-searching and a flurry of books. Is it all just a matter of generation and taste? Are the traditions of today only the innovations of yesterday? This lively and clearly reasoned book focuses on four crucial principles of worship laid down by Christ and strongly re-affirmed at the Reformation. These central pillars are rapidly passing out of sight today, yet it is surely by these that all new ideas should be assessed. (Wakeman Trust)






Music-in-the-Balance1Music in the Balance – Frank Garlock and Kurt Woetzel

The Lord admonishes us to sing a new song to Him. In Music in the Balance, you will learn what the Scripture says about how we are to sing that song. Now more than ever, Christians need to hear what God’s Word says about music. This book is suitable for individual or group study. (Majesty Music)








pop goes the gospel1Pop Goes the Gospel (Rock in the Church) – John Blanchard

This book is an attempt to take a calm, balanced, thorough and biblical look at the whole subject of what has been called ‘entertainment evangelism’. You may never listen to music the same way again. (Evangelical Press)









Why i left the contemporary christian music movement1Why I Left The Contemporary Christian Music Movement – Dan Lucarini

If you consider yourself “contemporary” in your perspective on worship, Lucarini raises the question that you need to provide a sound biblical answer before committing the church to a new direction in corporate praise. (Evangelical Press)








25 most treasured gospel hymn stories125 Most Treasured Gospel Hymn Stories – Kenneth Osbeck

Award-winning author Kenneth Osbeck tells the dramatic story behind twenty-five well-known gospel songs.  Along with each story is a Scripture passage, a thoughtful reflection, and the full musical score of the hymn, all of which lend greater meaning to these all-time favorites.  (Kregel)








amazing grace1Amazing Grace – Kenneth Osbeck

This beautifully illustrated collection tells the stories behind the writing of 28 of your favorite hymns. Beautifully bound and suited for giving as a gift. (Kregel)