Reference Books


Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. – 2 Timothy 2:15


surveyofthebible1Survey of the Bible – William Hendrickson

A handbook-type overview, covering the general history of each individual book. Features include outlines, themes, interpretation tips, helpful charts, time lines, and diagrams. (Baker)









referencelibrary1The Essential Bible Reference Library

Moody Press offers those serious about studying the Bible one-stop shopping for reference products. The Essential Bible Reference Library contains the student editions of the following products: The New Unger’s Bible Handbook, The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary, The Moody Atlas of Bible Lands, and The New Manners and Customs of Bible Times. Nowhere else can students obtain such concise, yet comprehensive tools in one low-priced box set!  (Moody Press)






halleys-bible-handbook1Halley’s Bible Handbook – Henry H. Halley

This handbook as born out of the conviction of Henry H. Halley that everyone ought to read the Bible daily. From its first edition, a small give-away booklet of 16 pages, it has grown into an 864-page “almanac” of biblical information, used regularly by hundreds of thousands of laymen, teachers, and ministers. Halley’s Bible Handbook contains more biblical information than any other book of its size. It has been a continuous best-seller through the years and has sold more than five million copies in many languages. (Zondervan)






ungersbiblehandbook1The New Unger’s Bible Handbook – Merrill F. Unger

A new edition featuring revised text and hundreds of color pictures, making this volume an indispensable guide to understanding the Bible. (More than 500,000 in print) (Moody)









mannersandcustoms1The New Manners & Customs of Bible Times – Ralph Gower

Reveals the lifestyles and customs of the Bible’s writers and characters, giving you a clearer understanding of God’s Word. Includes fascinating accounts of ancient customs regarding marriage, education, farming, and more. (More than 70,000 in print) (Moody)








kregelbiblehandbook1Kregel Bible Handbook – William F. Kerr

Here’s an authoritative and easy-to-use guide to every book of the Bible – for general readers and beginning Bible students. Includes full-color photographs, maps, and charts. (Kregel)









sketchesofjewishsociallife1Sketches of Jewish Social Life – Alfred Edersheim

For the first time since it originally appeared, this classic work has been newly typeset in an easy-to-read modern typeface, making reading, studying, consulting easier than ever before. The most relevant citations of Scripture, rabbinic sources, and the works of Philo and Josephus are supplied to complement Edersheim’s masterful assessment of the writings of Jesus’ day. This makes bland references come alive, in many cases shedding invaluable light on difficult passages or capturing the deep devotion. Edersheim brings to the task of understanding the world of Jesus and his disciples. (Hendrickson)





moodyatlas1The Moody Atlas of Bible Lands

The Moody Atlas of Bible Lands integrates the geography of Bible lands with the teachings of the Bible. Its one hundred thousand words provide useful commentary for more than ninety detailed maps of Palestine, the Mediterranean, the Near East, the Sinai, and Turkey.  Learn of God’s protection and guidance by following Israel’s forty-year sojourn in the wilderness. Appreciate the results of the Great Commission to “teach all nations” by seeing the scope of Paul’s three missionary journeys.  Dr. Barry Beitzel has blended the topographical and historical in multi-colored maps that accurately reflect evangelical Christianity. Pages of timeless information aid in sermon preparation and in personal Bible study. The Moody Atlas is an invaluable asset to Sunday school teachers and to seminary and Bible college students. Text and unique maps make this one of the most useful and accurate atlases available today.  (Moody)


kregelpictorialguidetothebible1The Kregel Pictorial Guide to the Bible – Tim Dowley

This fully illustrated color book on the Bible and its context answers such intriguing questions as: How do the books of the Bible relate to one another? What was Jewish worship like? What did the tabernacle and temple look like? What were the Jewish festivals all about? Who were the main characters of the Old and New Testaments? The Kregel Pictorial Guide to the Bible gives readers a glimpse into the past by examining everything from Moses’ exodus to Jesus’ miracles. Topics are indexed for easy reference.  (Kregel)






kregelpictorialguidetoeveryday1The Kregel Pictorial Guide to Everyday Life in Bible Times – Tim Dowley

This full-color illustrated book gives an enlightening glimpse into everyday life in Bible times from chariots to clothing, health to hairstyles, and plowing to pottery. A topical index for is included for easy referencing. (Kregel)








kregelpictorialguidetothetemple1The Kregel Pictorial Guide to the Temple – Robert Backhouse

The grandeur and day-to-day activities of Herod’s temple are brought to life once again in complete detail and full color. Also available in Spanish! (Kregel)









inthestepsofourlord1In the Steps of Our Lord – F. F. Bruce

Bruce presents a full-color guide to Israel and the major sites of Jesus’ ministry in the first century along with commentary by distinguished Bible scholar.  (Kregel)









inthestepsoftheapostlepaul1In The Steps of the Apostle Paul – F. F. Bruce

A full-color guide to the cities and countries where Paul preached and first-century Christianity took root. Bruce provides commentary on the history of eleven of the ancient world’s most prominent places. (Kregel)









holman1The Holman Book of Charts, Maps, and Reconstructions

This complete one-volume set of Bible charts, maps and artists’ renderings of biblical cities and artifacts opens the eyes of your understanding in a fresh way and provides a deeper dimension to personal and group Bible study. Features cross-references to the Holman Bible Handbook and Holman Bible Dictionary. 176 pages.  (Broadman/Holman)







The Works of Josephus – William Whiston
This renowned reference book has served scholars, pastors, students, and those interested in the background of the New Testament for years. The insight given into the Essene community, the destruction of Jerusalem and the interpretations and traditions of the Old Testament in first century Judaism is invaluable. The outlook of Josephus, a late first century Pharisee and historian, on Jesus and the New Testament documents is enlightening and provocative. As an original reference, The Works of Josephus is essential to a full understanding of the first century, the time of Christ and the New Testament. (Hendrickson)




biblehistoryoldtestament1Bible History of the Old Testament – Alfred Edersheim

In this enduring classic, Alfred Edersheim explores the broad sweep of Old Testament history. He brings to his work his immense learning and familiarity with Judaism, as well as his love for Scripture and his desire for every Christian to know and understand the story of God’s redemptive work in history. This new edition of Edersheim’s classic features the following improvements: Entirely reset in a modern and easy-to-read typeface, complete and unabridged in one volume, arabic numbers replace roman numerals, new maps to provide for richer understanding. (Hendrickson)





wordpictures1Word Pictures of the New Testament – A. T. Robertson

For over seventy-five years Word Pictures in the New Testament has been a cornerstone of Bible scholarship. Now, the classic six-volume set has been condensed into a one-volume edition to make in-depth New Testament study accessible and enjoyable to a wider audience than ever. Each New Testament book is carefully examined, chapter by chapter, and accompanied by the unique and unmistakable commentary of A.T. Robertson, a leading authority on the Greek New Testament. (Broadman/Holman)






trenchs1Trench’s Synonyms of the New Testament – R. C. Trench

Enhance any study of the New Testament with Trench’s Synonyms of the New Testament. This handy classic reference tool provides accurate, detailed definitions of key New Testament words, helping users improve understanding of the Scriptures. Designed to be used by those who understand little or no Greek. Covers more than 100 major categories and over 300 subjects. Numerically coded to Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance of the Bible for ease of use. Indexed by Greek terms and English concepts.  (Hendrickson)






treasuryofscripture1The Treasury of Scripture Knowledge

This book is comprehensive, user-friendly and versatile, providing the reader with an essential study tool for private devotions, teaching or preaching. Complete with over 500,000 Scripture references and parallel passages, this reference work contains the most exhaustive listing of biblical cross references available anywhere. For over a century this unique volume has been an essential tool—for the beginner wishing to be more biblically literate and for the scholar seeking greater depth and breadth of understanding.  (Hendrickson)






allthemessianicprophecies1All the Messianic Prophesies of the Bible – Herbert Lockyer

This compendium of all the prophecies in Scripture concerns the promised Messiah. Dr. Lockyer’s discussion is divided into two sections, “Specific Messianic Prophecies” and “Symbolic Messianic Prophecies.” (Zondervan)









allthemiracles1All the Miracles of the Bible – Herbert Lockyer

In detailed description and analysis, Dr. Herbert Lockyer furnishes a case-by-case look at all the miracles of the Bible. From the beginning of the Old Testament to the end of the New Testament. (Zondervan)









allthepromises1All the Promises of the Bible – Herbert Lockyer

The Bible is filled with hundreds of what the apostle Peter called “exceeding great and precious promises”: definite, explicit declarations God has made that you can count on. In All the Promises of the Bible, Dr. Herbert Lockyer discusses the nature of God’s promises—their substance · simplicity · surety · source · security · scope.  (Zondervan)