systematictheology1Systematic Theology – Charles Hodge (Abridged Edition)

During his long tenure at Princeton Theological Seminary, Charles Hodge (1797-1878) personally trained more than 2, 000 students. His Systematic Theology has contributed to the training of many thousands more. Having been in print since its publication in 1872-73, it has served as a primary textbook in many leading seminaries. (Presbyterian & Reformed)







institutes1Institutes of the Christian Religion – John Calvin

Theologian par excellence of the Reformation, John Calvin is best known for his Institutes of the Christian Religion, written as a theological introduction to the Bible and a vindication of Reformation principles. (Eerdmans)









churchmembershandbook1Church Member’s Handbook of Theology – Norvell Robertson

This book, it must be confessed, contains nothing new. The design has not been to uncover golden veins of new thought, but to bring down to the masses, in simple language, the forms of thought with which the student and minister are quite familiar. The design has been to place a theological hand-book in possession of every church member. (Sprinkle Publications)







principlesofconduct1Principles of Conduct – John Murray

Aspects of Biblical Ethics. Now back in print, this classic study clearly shows the organic unity and continuity o biblical ethic. John Murray here addresses ethical questions relating to such topics as marriage, labor, capital punishment, truthfulness, Jesus’ teaching in the Sermon on the Mount, law and grace, and the fear of God. Though the Ten Commandments furnish the core of the biblical ethic, Murray points the reader again and again to all of Scripture as the basic authority in matters of Christian conduct. (Eerdmans)