spreadingflamepart11The Spreading Flame Part 1

In The Spreading Flame, your heart will be thrilled at the mighty exploits of God’s faithful people and how His providence has overruled in the affairs of men and nations that the truth of the Gospel should never be extinguished. In this midst of spiritual darkness, there were glimmerings of light. And there was a far greater light, indeed an intense shining beacon, to be kit in the middle of this new millennium. It would be known as the Reformation. (Ambassador)






spreadingflamepart21The Spreading Flame Part 2

In part two of The Spreading Flame, we trace the story of the English Bible. From the first efforts of John Wycliffe to the ultimate success of William Tyndale. (Ambassador)









treasuresofthesnow1Treasures of the Snow

High in the Swiss Alps a little boy, Danny, disappears. Lucien, a lonely frightened boy of 13, is overtaken by catastrophic events and he finds himself an outcast with his family, school friends, and especially the very hostile Annette from the neighboring farm. Impelled to escape, the fugitive boy finds peace high up in the forest where he meets an old woodcarver who encourages him so that he begins to have hope. But when rejection comes again, he discovers the hard way that a price has to be paid for forgiveness before there can be any reconciliation.





treasuremap1Project Dinosaur

Mikey’s chances of winning the science fair take a nose-dive when his experiment suffers a crash landing, but the discovery of a dinosaur bone revives his dashed hopes. When Mikey realizes that evolution doesn’t agree with his Christian beliefs, he resolves to evaluate the theory himself and embarks on an adventure in learning. Mikey must decide what he believes and then have the courage to defend it, even if it means losing the science fair – and the respect of his classmates and teacher.






pilgrimsprogress1Pilgrim’s Progress (Ken Anderson Films)

John Bunyan’s immortal classic springs to life in this feature-length dramatic video presentation. Portrayed by an excellent professional cast, you will follow Pilgrim through many exciting and challenging adventures as the allegory unfolds.








disfordinosaur1“D” Is For Dinosaur

The animated Rhyme Book. Ken and Mally Ham’s popular children’s books has become one of our classic videos!! Your children will learn the true history of the dinosaurs and the world. Dino, a dinosaur, and Casie Nelson take you on an entertaining, instructive, and colorful journey through Creation, The Fall, The Flood, The Ice Age, Salvation, and The Coming Judgment.







moodybibleadventures1Moody Video Bible Adventures

Mr. Fixit’s famous shop is a haven for kids with troubled hearts and real-life problems. In each episode, Mr. Fixit uses his captivating story-telling skills to convey relevant biblical truths from his trademark “big red books.” Your child will return again and again to Mr. Fixit’s shop and to the timeless truths that are taught there. (Volumes 1-6)







moodyscienceclassics1Moody Science Classics

For more than fifty years, the Moody Institute of Science, a division of Moody Video, has been capturing the magic of nature’s mysteries on film while showing how the wonders of creation reveal the majesty of God. Your family, friends, church or school will enjoy these award-winning Moody Science Classic Videos!







godofcreation1The God of Creation

A creeping caterpillar takes wing as a graceful butterfly. Flowers open their blooms before your eyes. A twinkling point of light reveals a solar system millions of light years away.









cityofbees1City of the Bees

You’re about to visit an incredible city. Where everyone has a job. A plcae where there’s no need for hospitals or retirement homes. The organized, efficient City of the Bees. You’ll learn how these amazing insects live and work. You’ll see their police patrols, sanitation squads, and air conditioning systems. And you’ll begin to grasp their language, as you watch worker bees describe the direction and the distance of their latest nectar find.







factsoffaith1Facts of Faith

Would you believe that heat isn’t hot? Steal can float in mid-air? And even the most solid substances aren’t really solid at all? In Facts of Faith, you’ll watch one million volts of electricity blaze through a man’s body.









journeyoflife1Journey of Life

Witness a fantastic voyage through floods, fire and storms. A valiant struggle for struggle for survival against impossible odds. All performed by a perfectly ordinary, yet truly remarkable creation: the simple seed.









mysteryoftheclocks1Mystery of the Three Clocks

The human brain. The cicada or “seventeen year locust.” Chemicals reacting to one another. These three very different things have built-in “alarm clocks.” Mystery of the Three Clocks presents a set of laboratory experiments based upon the mystery of these three “clocks,” introduces the “will of man” and concludes that although man can make his own choice….he cannot control the result of that choice.







signpostsaloft1Signposts Aloft

A tiny plane is lost in the clouds. The struggling pilot banks a turn to escape the dense cloud cover. His senses deceive him, telling him the plane has stopped turning. So he turns harder. But the nose drops. Speed picks up. And suddenly he’s caught in a downward spin. In Signposts Aloft, you’ll find out how man’s senses can be fooled in flight.







wherethewatersrun1Where the Water Runs

As a roaring river, it rushes over rapids and falls. It drops from the sky in delicate snowflakes, and pounds the ground in hailstones. It fills our ice trays and provides power for electricity. In Where the Water Runs, you’ll find out why ice floats when most frozen substances sink. And how water rises in the trunks of trees, working against the pull of gravity.







powerinplants1The Power in Plants

A flower splits the sidewalk. A tiny sprout the foundation of a house. You may not realize it, but plants work non-stop! Unfortunately, it happens too slowly for humans to see with the naked eye. So we’ve used the development of time-lapse photography to reveal the mysterious mechanisms behind The Power in Plants.








wonderofyou1The Wonder of You

A quarterback draws back his arm to pass the football. His eyes focus on the receiver, then he releases the ball with perfect aim. All thanks to the amazing human machine, revealed in The Wonder of You.









treasurehunt1Treasure Hunt

Whether you find them in the deepest cavern or the nearest salt shaker, or a deep, dark cave, crystals are a treasure worth hunting for. Treasure Hunt will show you how these architectural master-pieces are pieced together. What starts as only a drop of water expands and hardens over time into beautiful crystals.








Science and the Christian (Not Pictured)

Science and the Christian uses simple language, clear ideas, and clever illustrations to present a biblical view of science. Designed for upper elementary to high school students, it’s both entertaining and effective, building in students a frame of reference for discerning truth from error.