Youth Ministry


Excellent curriculum for Youth Groups which will help cultivate a passion for God in your teens.


holywar1Holy War

The purpose of this study is to equip teens to have a victory over Satan. The Holy War examines the nature of our conflict with Satan and five specific battlefields on which all Christian teens face the Wicked One.  (Positive Action For Christ)









A teen’s life is filled with many complex and sometimes stressful relationships. This study focuses on six different relationships, all of which are vital to a teen’s voyage through life. Thirty practical lessons cover – Kinship, Courtship, Friendship, Fellowship, Lordship. (Positive Action For Christ)









Identifying the spiritual temperature of your teens. Have you ever been frustrated with your youth program? Once you have analyzed your youth group, this book gives you suggestions how to help them take the next spiritual step. (Positive Action For Christ)








ancientlandmarks1Ancient Landmarks

Helps your teens realize that their standards are to be based on unchanging biblical principles, not situations. These standards then become personal landmarks grounded in the Word of God from which the teens are challenged never to stray. (Positive Action For Christ)








sin1Sin (Its Paralyzing Venom)

Sin is a part of everyone’s environment and must be defeated. This study defines sin and helps you learn to hat sin and cleanse your life from its stain. Thirty powerful lessons consider: The Charm of Sin, The Character of Sin, The Cause of Sin, The Course of Sin, The Cure of Sin, The Cleansing from Sin, The Conflict with Sin and The Conquest over Sin. (Positive Action For Christ)